To educate, enrich and empower lives through success stories, articles, ideas and inspiring quotations from successful people worldwide.


To make success.sg the number one website for Singaporeans to look for information, resources, seminars, workshops and events that are related to personal development, business education and achieving success.


To be the number one resource website for Singaporeans and everyone who are searching for information on personal development, business education, and anything that is related to achieving success in life.

Offer free membership, build database of people interested in success, personal development and business education. Offer free ebooks “Think And Grow Rich” and “The Science of Success” to capture names and email addresses.

Marketing Strategy:

Leverage on members to keep the website content fresh and active, members participate in forums, post articles, post news, seminars and events that are available. Drive traffic through word-of-mouth and social networking sites.

Monetize Website:

  • Paid Membership, link it to Affiliate Programs
  • Revenue from advertisements
  • Sale of relevant ebooks, softwares and seminars