What success means to you

The word “Success” has many definitions and meanings to different people from different walks of life but there are certain universal laws and principles that most people

can agree upon and have experienced in their lives over and over again.

Here’s a great acronym for SUCCESS: Sincerity, Understanding, Care, Co-operate, Enthusiasm, Service and Solution.

Success is a journey and not a destination and if you want success you must be very clear on where you want to go?

To achieve success people must see you as being sincere because people want to work with people who are sincere and honest. You must understand the laws of success and one of the very important laws of success is doing the right things to get the right results!

The people who have achieved success in life are people who care enough to share and share enough to care. People don’t care how much you know but they will know how much you care. They also had mentors and coaches who were willing to share their success principles and strategies and they were willing to learn what it takes to achieve success.

Whether in life or business, success requires co-operation and teamwork. Success breeds success, when you have the right attitude, you will attract like-minded people who will help you achieve the success you want in life.

What are you passionate about? Your chances of achieving success is much higher when you love what you do and are enthusiastic. People do not hear what you say, they hear what you feel.

If you really want success you must be willing to provide good service that makes people want to come back to you again and again. Success is about providing a solution to people’s problems. There are many people who are always rushing and don’t have time for a regular lunch, fast-food restaurants provide a solution to these people. You want success? Provide solutions.

Success comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. A little boy can experience the feeling of success when he can keeps his balance and ride a bicycle steadily. A mother’s feeling of success giving birth and seeing the baby’s face for the first time. The proud parents celebrating the success of their baby’s first few steps on his own without any help.

Yes, to achieve success you must take baby steps and success is a process, it takes time, it is not going to happen overnight. Many successful musicians have been playing for over 10 years before they became very popular and start earning seven-figure incomes!

You must have the courage to achieve success, many people are held back by fear. You must also take action, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Of course there are more to success than what is shared here, hope this little sharing will give you a better idea of what success is all about and help give you extra meaning to this very popular and important word in life and in some ways help you achieve success!